Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wore blouse petticoat of my girlfriend's mom and fucked her

It was my final year of engineering and during the breaks, I decided to visit my native place. My girlfriend is also from the same place. One day, she told me to visit her house because her mom needs help with some stuff.
I had not crossdressed for the last 1 week, thus I badly wanted to get into a female avatar because crossdressing is a very addictive hobby. I went to my GF's house by evening. Her mom opened the door and welcomed me inside.

My girlfriend is a very sexy girl who has a perfect figure, so her mom is ever hotter than her. She must be 49 years old and has a figure of 38-32-36.
She always wears saree and most of the time her cleavage is exposed to the crowd.

I went inside and sat on the sofa. Aunty gave me water to drink and some snacks.
She was wearing a light green saree and was looking very sexy. I made up my mind that one day I surely dress up like her. Then aunty told me to make myself comfortable as she will go to the mandir and will come back within 30 minutes.
I thought this is a chance of getting myself dressed up in some of the aunty's clothes. Though I dont have a wig and breast forms, but I would still like to get dressed. I have dressed in front of my girlfriend but that was a roleplay sex.

Aunty went to the mandir (temple) while I entered her room and removed my clothes and kept them on the bed. I opened her wardrobe and found that she only has simple cotton sarees. Though she has lots of blouses which are quite big so that her big breasts can find place in the cups. I browsed through the blouses and took out a yellow blouse along with the yellow petticoat.
The blouse and petticoat were quite old but sometimes I like to wear old blouses and they become very soft over a period of time.

Then I grabbed a brown panty and a white color bra. I started wearing the panty which covered all area of my bums. I started feeling sexy when I imagined how aunty must be feeling whenever she wears this soft panty of hers. Then I wore the elastic bra and hooked it from behind. The cups of the bra were very large. Thus I had to take two of my girlfriend's dupatta to make fake breasts and I placed each roundly folded dupatta into each of the cups.
Waao what a feeling. I made up my mind to order 40 inch breast forms when i'll return to college.

Then I unfolded the petticoat and started wearing it. It was a very soft yellow color cotton petticoat. It was so feather soft that I felt the urge of transforming myself into a complete woman which was not possible at that point of time.

Just when I unfolded the blouse to wear and turned towards the dressing table, I was surprised to see my girlfriend's mom standing at the doorway. I had kept one hand on her side waist and in the other had she was holding a pooja thali. She told me "Beta, what is this? You should have locked the door."
I thought she is not surprised but asked me to lock the door. 

Then she went and locked the door and came back to me and said "Its okk if you have such desires, even my husband sometimes dresses up and we have roleplay"

I was aroused by what she said and suddenly felt an urge to be naughty. I told her "Aunty, can u help me wearing this blouse?"
She said "sure" and smiled.
I placed both my arms it the blouse and also placed the boobs in the blouse's cups. She started buttoning the hook of my yellow blouse. The blouse was very comfortable, had deep neck but normal back cut and had quarter length arms.

While helping me wear the blouse, Aunty's pallu fell from over her sexy green blouse which exposed her huge cleavage. I looked at the cleavage and touched them.

Aunty said "Don't tell anyone about this. Ok, tell me one thing? Do you usually dress up?" I told her about this hobby of mine but didn't tell her about my hook ups. Then I told her that crossdressing is my fantasy and I always masturbate after dressing up. Just then in the middle of the conversation, we heard a car zooming into the block. Aunty said "Oh my God, my husband will be here anytime. The neighbor has come from office and my husband also works in the same office, so he also must be on his way."

I told "Aunty please don't place your pallu on your blouse. I was to look at your sexy tight blouse, your curves, your deep and big cleavage and your wet underarms. Oh my god, I badly need to masturbate. I can't control, I have to masturbate"

I didn't wait for her reply and started removing my panty from under the peticoat. I held my penis tightly. It had become very hard as I hadn't crossdressed and masturbated from the last 1 week. I started masturbating looking at aunty's breasts. I couldn't control and started rubbing her breasts while pressing her nipples from over her sweaty blouse. She had also become horny, and I made her lie down on bed, lifted her saree and I could see her wet and big hairy pussy.

I started inserting my penis into her pussy and at the same tome I opened her blouse's hook. She wasn't wearing bra. I fucked her very hard as my hard rod penis was feeling very hot inside her wet pussy. Her blouse had become very wet due to this fucking fucking session. I kept fucking her and suddenly I spurted out all my hot sperms inside her hot pussy. While cumming I pressed her breasts very hard that she also had an orgasm.

After this hot fucking session, I asked aunty to visit my college as her daughter is also in the same city and I told her to stay in my flat where I have all the stuffs needed for crossdressing. She agreed and I am hoping to have a really good time with her. We dressed up and uncle came within 5 mins but I had done my work.

Read how Aunty visited my flat and we had a nice Crossdressing cum Fucking session.

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